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Peter Grant has two sons. I fell in love with one. I married the other. 

The Grant family could have destroyed me, but I am stronger than they could ever imagine. Especially now I’ve found love within their boundaries. A love they didn’t anticipate with a man who intends to save me.

I am Freya. This is my story.

** Secrets is not a standalone. In order to appreciate Freya’s story, it is more beneficial to read Where She Is, beforehand. **


I really empathized with Freya and was completely enthralled with her story. I honestly felt every emotion possible whilst reading this book and will recommend this book to anyone and everyone I meet. 

– 5 Stars – Amazon Reviewer

Loved reading this story through Freya’s eyes. I didn’t think it would be possible to redeem her after Where She Is but everything is not as it seems. 

– 5 Stars – Amazon Reviewer

This is one of those books that I don’t want to let go of. Maybe just one more little epilogue, Ms. Cappello?? Please…

5 Stars – Amazon Reviewer

This book is sexy and tablet-melting. I loved the first book and this one is so much better than the first. Cappello is amazing

5 Stars – Shakespeare’s Wench Book Blog